Ngorongoro Crater Lodge



Gracefully poised high above the rim of the renowned Ngorongoro Crater, looking down on the Lerai Forest and the teeming shores of Lake Magadi, Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is a creation of immense imagination.



Prepare to dream again in this idyllic lodge, fit for royalty of the highest order. The lodge is split up into three camps, each with its own set of stilted suites, poised above the panoramic views of the crater. The lodge’s communal green gardens give the perfect glimpses into a horizon often shadowed in mist. Guests can unwind on the tiled deck, ornately designed with intricate patterns. Inside the lounge and dining halls are a grandiose meeting of teak-panelled walls, thatched ceilings, crystal chandelier centrepieces and Victorian furnishings. The cellar provides a new breed of architecture, where ceilings weave domed shapes to compliment the thatch roofing. The glass-walls of the dining area ensure that every meal pays homage to the Ngorongoro Crater and the horizon beyond it.

The 30 suites are blended with the romantic crimsons of brocade sofas, Persian rugs and carved stone walls. The designers have taken elements from every time, place and possibility worth remembrance to create a harmony of silk curtains, polished wooden floors and rich Victorian furniture. Each suite has a private deck where viewing of the surroundings is panoramic and breath-taking which each glimpse. The en-suite bathrooms have everything you could wish for, including a standalone bath with magnificent views through the glass walls.


Wildlife & Activities

With the Magadi Lake and Lerai Forests lying at the Ngorongoro Crater floor, it’s little wonder why the area is rich in game. Some 25 000 animals reside here at any given time. From wildebeest, lion, leopard and elephant, to flamingo and the recently returned buffalo, you’re about to experience what few in the world know to exist. The area is home to a plethora of birdlife, which you’re able to see during your stay.

Vehicle safaris occur twice a day, due to the time it takes to reach the crater floor and return. This offers ample opportunities for guests to weave between the diverse eco-systems of the camp, like the Lerai forest, where elephants move silently between the dense tree cover. The Great Migration passes through this area in the latter parts of the year, making it ideal to see the massive numbers of gazelle, zebra and wildebeest from a perched vantage.

Additionally, the area is alive with more activities. At the lodge guests can experience a romantic Honeymoon Petal Dinner, candlelit and carpeted with hundreds of rose petals. Champagne tasting and wine pairing meals are a favourite among guests seeking to indulge their taste buds.

Outside the lodge there are an array of walks and hikes that take guests along the rim of the crater and into new territories. A visit to the Hadzabe Bushmen takes you back centuries with the nomadic, simple ways of these people, where you can hold the traditional hunting implements that are still used today, generations later. Whether you’re seeking adventure or comfort, Ngorongoro Crater Lodge will cater to each of your whims.

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