The Highlands



Perched higher up in the mountainous forests surrounding the Ngorongoro Crater than any other camp, near the Olmoti Volcano, The Highlands offers a modern interpretation of harmony with nature.



The geodesic canvas design of each structure is optimised for internal space, yet lined with wooden walls, leather rugs and plush couches for maximised comfort. The main areas of the camp include a communal lounge with a fireplace enclosed by a circular couch, where guests can share experiences.

The 8 domed suites are spaced among the forest canopy for complete privacy. Each has a deck overlooking the magnificent conservancy and one of the dormant volcanoes in the area. These suites are spacious with comfortable wooden flooring, en-suite bathrooms with hot, cold and flushing water, as well as in-room power and fireplaces. Light streams in through the Perspex-sheathed windows, lighting up the day from a completely unique vantage. This experience truly is once in a lifetime.


Wildlife & Activities

Game drives to the Ngorongoro Crater take guests through a series of biomes, from dense canopies of forest, to grasslands, to green marshes and lakes. All of this ensures that your trip will be rife with birdlife, predators, gazelles and other wildlife.

Nature trails take you on foot and deeper into the land, where you’ll get up close to see the intricacy of the forest. At the Empakaai Crater you’ll be impressed with the sheer number of pink flamingos that feed on the soda lake, rich in salt. Visiting the Masai villages leaves guests humbled by the traditions of these proud people. Hike the cattle trail up through to the rocky buttresses of the Olmoti, for a view that is literally above the world. With the variety of possibilities The Highlands offers, your experiences will become fond memories.