Kwihala Camp



Found deep in the vegetation of Ruaha National Park, Kwihala Camp is framed by the Mwagusi River, in the fertile Mwagusi Valley. Here, year after year, the wildlife flock due to its low concentration of human inhabitants.



The camp’s Art-Deco design weaves simplicity into each suite. The purpose is to understate the decadence of fabric and polished wood, so that the environment always takes centre stage. The communal mess area of the camp houses comfortable sofas, fabric curtains and ceilings draped in soft cream cloth, to create a cosy feel for guests.

The 6 tents are pragmatic and quietly elegant, with en-suite bathrooms that include a safari-hot bucket shower and flushing toilets. There are charging facilities for your electronic devices, should you need them. The tents open out onto the environment in a way that is so unobtrusive that the wildlife often stroll right past your tent on their way to a grazing field or favoured waterhole. Children over the age of 5 are welcome, though the camp is not designed for child activities.


Wildlife & Activities

Due to the diversity of the ecological systems in the area, you’re bound to come across an abundance of game, including leopard, buffalo, giraffe and buck. As much as 10% of the world’s lions roam the biomes of Ruaha National Park. Here you will see them hunting in packs and roughhousing with their adorable cubs.

Game drives take you into the heart of the National Park, where baobabs tower across the land, dwarfing all else. Expert guides will weave you between the granite buttresses for that unique spotting of an animal of your choosing. Night drives uncover the secrets of twilight in the park, where another world of creatures awaits discovery. Bush walks take you to the beating pulse of the environment, where your feet will tread along the same paths that the big cats walk along each day. The spirit of adventure is truly alive and well within the protected boundaries of Kwihala Camp.