Rubondo Island Camp



Celebrated as the only lodge on Rubondo Island, enclosed by the waters of Lake Victoria from each angle, Rubondo Island Camp is a haven for animals, birds, butterflies and guests alike.



Simple yet colourful, Rubondo Island Camp has an air of enjoyment in its design. The main areas of the bar overlook a spacious lounge area, filled with contrasting tones of green on the couches, chandeliers that drip down from the vaulted canvas ceilings and stone floors that meet the equatorial forest floor in patient harmony. Guests can lounge by the pool whilst glancing out at the churning, fertile waters of Lake Victoria.

The camp is kept small and its 8 suites are a testament to conservation, elegance and modest luxury. Set just inside the tree line, shrouded in a tumult of birdcalls, the chalets are thatched with stone flooring keeping guests cool during their stay. The large windows can be drawn back to reveal the sandy veranda just beyond the walls. Each chalet has an en-suite bathroom with hot water and flushing toilets. An additional tree house offers guests the opportunity to experience life amongst the birds, living in the forest canopy.


Wildlife & Activities

Human beings are rare on an island that has been a protected space for chimpanzees, elephants and the sitatunga antelope. With the lodge only taking up a small portion of the 25 000 hectare island, there are many nooks to explore and see the wonders that this secret place holds. Papyrus swamps are home to the elusive sitatunga. In summer, wild orchids bloom and the forest attracts the most inspiring collection of glittering butterflies. Add to that over 300 species of bird and innumerable numbers of tilapia and Nile perch fish, and you’ll have a small inkling of what awaits you in this land of a million wonders.

Rubondo Island Camp has a number of different safaris, tailored to families, couples and the modern adventurer. Whether you’re looking to see primates, birds, buck or elephant, there’s always something for you around the next bend in the forest. Additionally guests can fish, canoe, hike and be a part of the chimpanzee rehabilitation program. Let your imagination meet your senses in this island utopia.