Kimondo Camp



Kimondo’s mobility means that, depending on the time of year, it can be in one of two places, in order to follow the Great Migration. From July to October you’ll find it in the Northern Serengeti, on the rich grassy plains of the Lamai Wedge. From December to March the camp appears in the Southern Serengeti.



The main areas of the camp have been designed to echo the sentiments of colonial canvas and Moroccan flair, with comfortable sofas, intricately designed pillows and carved wooden chests.

The eight tented suites are spacious, comfortable and elegant. Each one has an en-suite bathroom with flushing toilets and hot and cold, flowing water. The quarters come with canvas chairs in the private veranda, where you can watch the animals amble by. The wrought-iron bed frames contrast the Persian rugs and make this a wonderful space in which to rejuvenate while you chase the Great Migration.


Wildlife & Activities

With Kimondo’s nomadic capabilities, guests are always guaranteed the best game viewing possible. From lion, cheetah and leopard, to the majestic elephant and elegant oribi, the commanding mammals await glimpses from the safety of your safari vehicle. The scarcer game of bat-eared fox, serval and Wild African Dog become jewelled sightings for their scarcity. However, it’s the Great Migration itself that takes centre stage. Here you’ll see mindboggling numbers of wildebeest moving across the grasslands, or crossing the Mara River. For some of these wildebeest, certain death lies in the muddy banks of this river, in the jaws of the Nile crocodile.

Additionally, guests have a chance to learn more about the local Masai communities, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner picnics. Here the camp’s chef will delight your taste buds with authentic East African cuisine.