Kleins Camp



High up on the Kuka Hills, Klein’s Camp overlooks the Masai Mara National Park and the Serengeti with unprecedented views in every direction.



The camp’s majestic placement atop the Kuka Hills gives you the regal feeling of seeing the world from a castle’s spire. The stonewalled and thatched-ceiling main areas of the camp have a rounded design, allowing for wider views of the green plains, and towering hills in the smoky distance. Here you can unwind in a leather sofa whilst sipping on a fine drink as the fire crackles in the centre of the room. Take your meals in the dining room, where your eyes can glance into the distance for miles, from a height that only birds are privy to. The sparkling pool is a favourite for afternoon visits, but the views from here are just as astounding. However, no matter what you’re doing, Klein’s Camp will always make you feel appreciated.

The ten cottages are a meeting of thatch and stone, with polished mahogany flooring and white walls complimenting the luxurious four post bed and its crocheted blankets. Each en-suite bathroom blends the iron strength of stone showers, with the patience of wood and the modern lines of his and her basins. Blending the traditional sense of home with powerful opulence, each of these cottages is a marvel of tranquillity awaiting your discovery.


Wildlife & Activities

Klein’s Camp lies within a private concession, allowing game drives to go off-road, into whichever direction guests and guides decide on. Being a private concession, the only other vehicles you’ll come across are from Klein’s Camp, making this a truly exclusive experience. During the migratory season you’ll see a land packed to the hilt with herds of animals. Zebras lead the way with wildebeest behind them and the smaller antelope bringing up the rear. These attract the cheetahs, lions and leopard who stalk them in search of sustenance.

Guests looking for more activity can visit the local villages, where the Masai will teach you about the land, their customs and there leaping, singing festivities. The experience will enthral and energise you. A children’s program runs to keep kids entertained and learning, though the camp advises that children over 8 years of age visit the camp.

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