Mnemba Island Lodge



Hidden away on Mnemba Island off the northeaster coastline of Zanzibar, this romantic playground is an exclusive dream space where each one of your whims are met with imagination and opulence.


Walk the sandy pathways throughout this pristine getaway, to reach the main chalets, your private home or the unspoilt beaches. The dining areas and main lounges of the camp are housed under a thatching of palm fronds and trickle down into chandeliers that fill the space with amber hues of light. The weaved-carpet floors, deep luxurious sofas and antique wooden table-tops carry the highest degree of prestige, whilst retaining the wonderment of flowers and pearl shadings that are the essence of this island utopia.

The 10 luxurious suites are welcoming spaces with an open lounge area to receive you, filled with impeccably crafted sofas, tables, chairs and overhanging lanterns to light up the night. The bedrooms are filled with delicate linens and carved ornamentation so that everything is natural to the touch as well as the eyes. Your bathroom is a spacious marvel of stone, hidden behind a sheath of sparkling glass beads. Perhaps greatest of all is the unimpeded view of the ocean, where the clear waters of the sea greet you upon sunrise. The privacy of this place is completely guaranteed, with only the local birds and small buck visiting your suite out of curiosity. Families are welcomed at Mnemba Island, with two chalets closely linked for larger parties.

Wildlife & Activities

Coral reef snorkelling and diving provides guests with a chance to see the electric rainbow colouring of the tropical fish that call Mnemba home. Wild dolphins, humpback wales and sharks are often seen from the shoreline, where the endangered green turtle breeds. The birdlife and fish varieties are too numerous to mention, but guests looking to spot them, or experience an adventure, have an array of choices at Mnemba Island. From kayaking, stand up paddle boarding to fly-fishing, the thrills come in thick and fast. However, when it’s time to get intimate, the beach is transformed into a lamp-lit oasis for two. Like the glimpse of a shooting star, a stay at Mnemba Island is an occasion to be savoured, remembered and repeated.