Olakira Camp



From June to November you’ll find this adaptive camp in the Bolongoja region of the northern Serengeti. This spot was chosen for its proximity to the Mara River, where the Great Migration is the spectacle of the year. From December to March the camp packs up and heads south, where a quaint forest east of Ndutu becomes temporary home. All of this uprooting is carefully planned to maximise encounters with the mammals of the Serengeti.


Don’t let the camps rugged canvas exterior fool you. Here is a place of simple luxury, where Persian rugs, bookshelves and fine cuisine find their way to you. The main lounge is a spacious abode with chaise sofas for guests to enjoy, and curtains drawn back to break down the barriers between guests and the bush. Choose between dining in the mess hall, or allow the staff to set a table out under the canopy of trees, where your evening meal is lit by hurricane lamps and a roaring fire.

The 9 tented suites have partitioned canvas walls, to create multiple rooms. Each has an en-suite bathroom with flushing toilet and hot water. The verandas are covered to allow you to indulge in solitude without the African sun interfering. King size beds swathed in fine linen, leather chairs and timber furnishings ensure that your comfort always comes first at Olakira Camp. Children over the age of 5 are more than welcome to visit.

Wildlife & Activities

Regardless of the season, game drives take you into the heart of reality in the Serengeti. You’ll either witness the hundreds of thousands of wildebeest bravely leaping into the Mara River, or you’ll see the February birthing of wildebeest calves, where the plains become dotted with thousands of these adorable mammals as they learn to walk. Along with these wildebeest come the hordes of predators that chase them. These lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas are never far behind, creating unforgettable encounters for guests.

Additionally, if you’re looking for more to do, there are visits to local communities, to learn more about the native people of the Serengeti. There are also hot air balloon rides that take you out over the land and give you an eagles view of this magnificent, pristine land. Whatever you do, Olakira Camp encourages you to savour each moment and appreciate the wonders of nature.

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