Serengeti Lamai



Pinned within the Lamai triangle, along the northern banks of the Mara River, the camp dangles from the northern corner of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. It’s here that bountiful game and pristine views combine to create the experience of a lifetime for each intrepid guest that visits the camp.

Lodge and Accommodation

Designers have taken all the functionality of the 1920 adventurer’s tents and remodelled them to hold the comfort, elegance and contemporary chic that are the trademarks of luxury, without compromising the old-world grace. The lounge area is a study in style, furnished in cream shades and sprinkled with shapes and textures that soothe the eyes, massage the sense and inspire fresh thinking.

Built on raised wooden decks, and tiered for excellent views of the Serengeti grasslands, each room of the main lodge opens up to the Serengeti’s elements and vistas. Designed with wooden beams, reed and canvas, trimmed with the artistic creations of East Africa’s best artists, the spaces are spellbinding and flowing with the vibrancy of a different culture. From the refreshing waters of the plunge pool, guests can glimpse the waterhole, where giraffes, elephant, zebra or even the wildebeest passing on their migratory ways are constantly lapping at the waters.

Each of the tented suites is a practice in simple luxury. Built on a raised wooden platform and overlooking the Mara River, each one holds its own intimacy. The canvas walls can be raised for 360 degree views of the plains. The en-suite facilities are modern, ensuring travellers never have to compromise on their stay.  With 4 one bedroom suites and 2 family tents to choose from, feel free to pick a suite that matches your needs. No guests under the age of 10 are permitted at the camp, due to its proximity to the wildlife.

Activities and Wildlife

Wake up in the early morning to the sounds of the Serengeti. Elephants trumpeting, lions roaring and buck thumping the earth. See the birds crossing the sun-risen sky and watch the long grass swaying in the early morning breeze. During the Great Migration you’ll be close enough to almost touch the herds of wildebeest as they cross the Mara River on their way to fertile grasslands.

Game drives allow you to explore the Serengeti with some of the most experienced game trackers and wildlife experts around. Share in their lore of the Serengeti and learn what they have to teach, or allow them to track the animals you’re desperate to see.

Spa and wine tasting are perfect for guests looking for something less taxing but just as enticing. Whichever way you choose to spend your stay, Serengeti Lamai will sprout roots in your soul and keep you returning to its tender embrace for the unique experiences it garners.