Singita Faru Faru



Built on a ridge, overlooking a riverine forest, Singita Faru Faru lies in the north of Tanzania, inside the Grumeti Reserves 350’000 acres of protected and ever-sustained lands.

Lodge and Accommodation

This family friendly lodge contains all of the trademark comforts and facilities that Singita is famous for. However, it also has the added charm of being modern and simplistic in design, blending traditional comforts with contemporary ease. The lodge has two pools, where guests can unwind on decks that overlook the majestic grasslands and riverine forests, where the animals are constantly in motion. The lodge’s ethos welcomes the outside in, allowing guests to get closer to the wildlife than ever before.

The lodge’s main areas include a gym, spa, boutique, gallery and spacious lounge where you can catch up on world events through satellite television.

The 7 one bedroom tented suites are kept simple and comfortable. Each one has a thrilling view beyond its windows, where animals strut, bound and stalk in clear view. The family suite is great for families, accommodating 2 adults and 2 children. This suite has ample room, en-suite facilities and a deck that will astound guests with its view. The final lodging is the 2 bedroom suite, ideal for families or parties of adults travelling together. This suite has a private pool for added exclusivity, along with all the trappings that Singita champions.

Activities and Wildlife

Safaris happen year round, in the early morning or late afternoon, where guests will be taken so close to the wildlife that they will smell the Serengeti in fur and animalhide. During the Great Migration, watch the land fill up with numbers of Wildebeest too numerous to count or even quantify. You’ll feel the earth rumble as they make their way to greener lands and more grazing opportunities.

Bush walks allow guests to amble through the safer areas of the grasslands, where you’ll learn about the imprint each animal makes on this land. Archery, visits to the spa or local community, boutique store perusing or seeing the gallery create the sort of variety the entire family will love. For connoisseurs seeking finer experiences, wine tasting will introduce you to some of the most exquisite wines in the world. There’s something for everyone at Singita Faru Faru.

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