Singita Grumeti Reserve



Within Tanzania’s wild borders, beside the fertile grasslands of the Serengeti National Park Singita Grumeti is one of the most picturesque places to view the Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra, each year. Here on the western corridor of the Great Plains, you’ll see nature’s greatest annual drama unfold before your eyes.

Activities and Wildlife

The Singita Grumeti Fund has achieved major differences in the 350’000 acre concession of private reserve, since taking over the operations. Anti-poaching units and sustainable practices have once again renewed the beauty and the abundant numbers of wildlife here, eradicating poaching in the area and holding it at bay to once again make this a land of pristine beauty and a wild haven on earth.

The elephant numbers have quadrupled, whilst Topi and giraffe numbers have tripled and the buffalo population has increased tenfold. All of this in just over a decade’s worth of dedicated commitment to conservation. This, along with the fire management and the reintroduction of endangered species of animal and alien plant removal continue to refine the land to its former majesty.

What you will see an experience on your bush walks, game drives and other activities, is unlike anything left on earth. A place where animals behave the way they did, eons ago, revitalised for you to appreciate.