Singita Sabora Plains



In the northern stretches of Tanzania’s Grumeti Reserve, Singita Sabora Plains is the tented camp that will get you closer to nature than ever before.

Lodge and Accommodation

Designed with the mobility of a turn-of-the-century explorer’s camp, Sabora Plains welcomes guests into the very heart of the land, separated from the breathing pulse of wildlife and the rumbling underfoot of the Great Migrations by a sheathe of canvas. The tents open up to a swimming pool and day beds, placed for optimised views of the Serengeti in all directions.

Don’t be fooled by the rustic look of these tents. Inside each is ordained with the finest crystal, Persian rugs, teak furnishings and brass antiques that you’ll be hard-pressed to elsewhere in the world. The suites and main areas are finally touched up with a spark of Maasai culture, the scarlet blankets and vibrant beadwork that the Maasai people are renowned for.

Activities and Wildlife

The spa welcomes guests looking for that sense of rejuvenation that only a good massage can provide. The boutique and gallery are great for absorbing the artistic African essence, whilst the gym is ideal for working up a sweat and keeping in shape. Community visits, archery and safari walks provided a gambit of activities to immerse yourself in during your stay.

Game drives are what draw travellers and adventurers alike to the Serengeti. Singita Sabora Plains is no different, allowing visitors to get even closer to the wildlife in this unpopulated portion of the Grumeti Reserve. Here, on twice daily safaris, you’ll encounter the residents of these grasslands. From lion, to zebra and the multitudes of wildebeest during the Great Migration. This is the birthplace of adventure, where excitement, authenticity and memorable experiences are unavoidable.

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