Ubuntu Camp



This roving camp of luxurious and rugged character has a triad of places it resides in each year. From May to July Ubuntu follows the wildebeest north, setting up in the scenic region between Handajega, between the Nyakoroma Hills, with views of the Grumeti River. Between August and November, Ubuntu moves to the northern plains, meeting the Great Migration head on where wildebeest will cross the Mara River. Finally, from December to March, Ubuntu drifts south and pitches in the southern Serengeti, where the grasslands are rich and fertile, and the tiny wildebeest offspring can learn the art of their species in peace.


Ubuntu camp is built to withstand the elements and offer guests the peace and quiet they deserve, without sacrificing comfort and a good night’s rest. The communal tents of the camp are spacious, decked with sofas and cushions for relaxation, and opulent furnishings for dining. The windows and canvas are drawn back, allowing optimised views of the green land, no matter which way you turn. Allow the personal service to flow as the staff set up a campfire under a nearby tree, or create a dining area under the stars for your enjoyment. Power is available so that you can recharge your devices. Children, 5 and up, have the time of their lives in this natural wonderland.

The seven tented suites are layered in canvas for extra durability, ensuring that you’ll always be snug within your tent no matter the conditions outside. Here your king-size bed is positioned to meet the greeting sunrise, allowing the golden beams of light to wake you the way human beings awakened centuries ago. The en-suite bathrooms contain the comforts of flushing toilets and hot-bucket showers, whilst your private veranda looks out on the bush from the vantage of canvas chairs under a sheath of awning.

Wildlife & Activities

Dawn and dusk are the ideal time for game drives, when you’re not out tracking the Great Migration. Listen to the expert guides share their lore of the Serengeti, and ask as many questions as you can to cure your curiosity. Additionally, hot air balloon rides and bush picnics for any one of your meals are a delight that will captivate your senses in ways you can’t yet imagine. No matter your choice, Ubuntu Camp is at your service.