Oliver’s Camp



In the secluded south-eastern region of the Tarangire National Park, with an unhindered view of the Minyonyo Pools flood plain, Oliver’s Camp is an oasis to a staggering number of animals and birds in the August dry season.



A haven of peace, comfort and timeless elegance, Oliver’s Camp doesn’t clutter your experience. Each room, whether in the camp’s main dining and communal areas, holds a patient charm. This ambience is created through the thatched roofing, the polished wooden floors and the wicker furnishings. The double-tiered main area is perfect for viewing the landscape as far as the horizon stretches. At dusk, when the sun begins to set, the bar and campfire take guests out onto the cool sand of the Tarangire. Here you’ll wind down the evening sharing quality time with friends and loved ones.

The 10 tented suites each have en-suite facilities with flushing toilets and open-air showers. The king-size beds are slathered in luxurious fabrics of different hue and texture, and the pinned cloth ceilings create a space where light, aromas and sounds can flow. Among the offerings you’ll find a family tent that sleeps 4 people and a honeymoon suite, steeped in romance.


Wildlife & Activities

When the rest of the Serengeti becomes dry, all life flocks to the watery marshes of the Tarangire National Park. Not only will you come across the Big 5, but you’ll also meet the secret treasures of this land, such as the hunting dog, gerenuk and over 500 species of bird.

Game drives are a staple of the Oliver experience. They occur twice a day, when the animals are most active. However, night game drives are a possibility, too. These will take you into the nocturnal bustle of the Tarangire National Park. Walking safaris are especially for those adventurers who want to feel the earth beneath their feet. Fly camping takes guests into a traditional camping experience, far away from even an inkling of civilisation, to see and hear the world as it was centuries ago. Additionally, hot air balloons rides are there for guests seeking the heights of an eagle’s experience of the land.