Built on the banks of the peaceful Luangwa River, within 60 acres of exclusive land in South Luangwa National Park, Chinzombo is the culmination of dreams, sweat and responsible planning. Only an hour from Mfuwe Airport makes travelling to Chinzombo effortless and pleasurable.

The Camp

Brought into magnificent splendour by the same architects responsible for North Island and Little Vumbura, Chinzombo is the next stage in the evolution and harmony of bush living luxury. Wooden paths wind underneath the ancient msikzi trees, joining the private villas to the ample spacing of the dining and lounge areas. Dip your feet in the cool blue pool while you look out on the Luangwa, a warm fire crackling as the sun splashes down into the horizon, and the heat of the day becomes a distant dream.

Choose to stay in one of the six unique villas, all overlooking the Luangwa River. The openness of each abode will allow the grandeur of the Zambian bush in, whilst the grass-covered walls, recycled wooden-flooring and gentle lantern light will create a home you’ll scarcely want to leave. Reed, canvas, local leather and copper fit effortlessly into each suite, creating a space of elegance and power.  Sunrises are golden and panoramic from the comfort of your bed, whilst the charcoal finishes of the verandas are perfectly soothing to the whims of your evenings. Each villa holds an exclusive pool and immense bathroom. A family villa is available for bigger parties.

The camp is at the forefront of the green energy movement, with efforts to reduce its carbon footprint in energy as well as waste, engrained in the sustainable ethos it holds dear.

Activities and Wildlife

As the base of Norman Carr operations decades ago, Chinzombo has always been the hub of innovation and progress. Guests can expect not only the embodiment of a bush experience (safaris, bush walks, community visits), but a host of other experiences such as yoga, gym and spa facilities. It’s a given that the NCS guiding team will be available for your needs in all things bush related. This customisation of service keeps Chinzombo at the forefront of change, value and bush experience satisfaction.