Luangwa River Camp



Built along the winding banks of the Luangwa River, deep in the South Luangwa National Park, bordering the pristine Great Rift Valley, Luangwa River Camp is the lingering secret of untold times. With its lagoons, woodland forests, savannas and river source, this is the place where game flock for their essentials.

The Camp

Combining the comforts of a lodge with the privacy of a tented bush camp, Luangwa has captured the best of both worlds. The camp’s main facilities look out over a popular nook along the mighty Luangwa River. Here guests can indulge in the cascading, sparkling waters of the double pool, or recline under one of the giant umbrellas stretched out along the timber deck. But remember that it isn’t the rippling hues of sunset that drift over the Luangwa River, nor the safe proximity guests can reach the wildlife that make this camp the jewel that it is. It’s the service and attention to detail that the staff pride themselves on. This willingness to go that extra mile makes Luangwa River Camp the renowned success it is.

Each spacious suite holds a vaulted thatched roof, stone flooring to cool the African heat and a bed of crisp linens, draped in soft fabrics for a peaceful night’s rest. The windows have been expertly widened to draw the Zambian wilderness near, so whether you’re catching the first rays of dawn in your bed, or ushering in the evening in your sunken bathtub, you always have an unencumbered view.

Activities and Wildlife

Your choice of day or night games drives is rendered even more specific with a choice of game vehicles. Tiered seating in a shaded vehicle or 360 degree views in an open one customise your game-viewing experience. Whichever transport you choose, you’re bound to see the residents of Luangwa River at every turn. These include, buffalo, leopard, elephant, lion, hippo, giraffe and an abundance of bird and insect life.

Additionally, guests have a profusion of other activities available. Guided walks with National Park Scouts, Boating tours in the wet season, along with Village Tours, visits to the Wildlife Education Centre and the artistic creations of the Tribal Textures store are all possibilities.

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