Mchenja Bush Camp



Shaded beneath a grove of towering ebony trees along the Luangwa River, Mchenja Tented Camp is one of the marvels of the South Luangwa National Park.

The Camp

The camps central feature is the lounge, constructed around one of the fallen ebony giants of this land. Here the African heat is dispelled by the high thatched ceiling. The comfort of exquisite sofas will keep you relaxed while the staff sate your thirst with a refreshing drink from the stocked bar.

Each of the five tents holds and en-suite bathroom, along with a Victorian claw foot tub beyond the confines of the tent, for a bubble bath experience like no other. The octagon shape of the tents allow for natural lighting to reflect off the soft, cream fabrics. The floors carry the patience and refinement of polished wood and weaved straw mats.

Activities and Wildlife

Take your safaris by vehicle or on foot, within the safe knowledge that John Kasonga (guide and manager of the camp) carries with him endless understanding of the land, it animals and its history. The nearby groves of ebony trees are rich in bountiful wildlife, where you’re bound to see a host of predators following their prey into the coolness of the forest.

Guests can choose to take a multi-day safari, combining their stay at some of the other nearby camps, including the uber-elegant Chinzombo, further along the Luangwa River.