Mfuwe Lodge



A 45 minute flight from Mfuwe International Airport and 5 minute drive from the South Luangwa National Park main gate, places you at Mfuwe Lodge’s doorstep. This 2009 accolade-winning camp is one of the easiest to access and the richest in wildlife in the National Park.

The Camp

The thick canopy of ebony and mahogany trees ward off the heat of the African sun, transforming the thatched suites into cool pockets of refreshment. The spacious central lodge holds a lounge, bar and two dining areas, leading out into a peaceful library with personal viewing deck. It’s here or on one of the numerous other decks that guests can survey the two plant-rich lagoons, where hippos, crocodiles, birds and other lifeforms live out their days. The swimming pool, outdoor gym, curio shop and Bush Spa fulfil the desires of each guest to guarantee the memorable experience of a lifetime.

There are a variety of eighteen chalets to suit each traveller’s needs. Each of these stone-raised homes boasts a thatched ceiling, en-suite bathrooms, private veranda and carefully selected ornamentation, to awaken the senses but keep the space free and open.

The 2 suites have two levels, the upper of which holds a day bed and small bathroom, with views for a greater vantage over the lagoons. The lower portion holds a king-size bed and all the amenities that you will need. The 2 Family Rooms have the reversed effect, with the amply sized bed upstairs and the day bed downstairs, for additional privacy. Each level has private bathroom facilities. The 3 Double Chalets have an added lounge space, along with the full gambit of bathroom facilities. The 10 Twin Rooms are modest counterparts, with three-quarter beds, a lounge area and bathroom, but make no bones of the fact that even these rooms hold unrivalled vistas of the thriving lagoon.

Activities and Wildlife

At times elephants amble right through the lobby to snack on the wild mango trees, putting into perspective the abundance of game in this area. During your stay you’re bound to come across giraffe, buffalo and a plethora of antelope. Game drives can be organised with 24 hour notice. These happen in the coolness of first light, or dusk, when the animals themselves are most busy. Night drives reveal the nocturnal delights of the bushveld, where your eyes can finally see what your ears here in the starlit shadows.

Additionally available are bush walks, spa treatments and visits to the local village, school and textile company. Here you get an authentic feel for the land, its people, its essence. Regardless of your choice, remember that Mfuwe has a charming grace that humbles the senses.

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