Nkwali Camp



Rooted along a wide bank of the Luangwa River on private land belonging to Robin Pope Safaris, Nkwali is close enough to access the South Luangwa National Park and its activities, yet removed enough to experience complete seclusion, should you need it.

The Camp

The heart of the camp is the robust and majestic ebony tree. After discovering it, the Pope’s were determined to build the camp around its grand circumference. The bar, moulded over the ebony tree, hovers over the river. Here hippos, birds and the living entities of the land ebb and flow with their own individual tides. The dining area and swimming pool face out onto a quiet lagoon, where more animals visit.

Walls of woven bamboo, thatched roofing and Constantia grill doors, open for expansive views of the Luangwa river, turning each of the 6 chalets into unique places of special memories. Each of the suites holds an en-suite bathroom, where raw luxury infuses with the livewire sounds of the bush-life from every angle.

Activities and Wildlife

Guests can experience day or night game drives from a choice of vehicles, each with its own variety of views. Here the grasslands, thickets, woodlands and lagoons become secret troves of bountiful life for you to explore with your guide.

Additionally, walks, along with boating in certain seasons and village tours offer you the chance to experience the land, its culture and its prized possessions.

Nkwali Camp prides itself on intimate service. With its ratio of 4 guests to one guide, you’ll feel the way Nkwali intended you to feel – special.

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