Nsefu Camp



Lying in the pristine Nsefu sector of the South Luangwa National Park, Nsefu Camp straddles the Luangwa River for breath-taking views and memorable sundowners.

The Camp

Christened as the first Safari camp is Zambia, Nsefu Camp has come a long way since 1951. Comforts have adapted to modernity, yet the essence of bush life remains remarkably similar to how things were half a century ago. Guests searching for history need look no further. The lounge overlooks a lagoon teeming with wildlife and an enormous termite mound, with the bar snug between these two marvels. This is in keeping with Nsefu’s philosophy on allowing the land to exist as it is.

Nsefu’s 6 rondavels house a maximum of twelve guests at a time. These raised, brick-and-thatch suites are painted in the creams shades of a bygone era. Each room has been revamped to include an en-suite bathrooms with windows facing into the bushveld. Discreet in décor and cosy in lighting, colour and shape, each suite enwraps guests with the tenderness of a mother’s embrace.

Activities and Wildlife

With the Nsefu Sector’s high concentration of game, and prolific birdlife in the wet season, your safari is bound to become the treat of a lifetime. Choose between day or night drives in a selection of vehicles to meet your requirements. Prepare to cover a diverse terrain of creeks, grasslands and forests in the safety of your vehicle, where the secret life of Zambia’s bush mammals unfold to you.

Seasonal Boating and walking safaris take you closer to the land and water than most people have ever gone. Visits to the local community take you deeper into the flow of Zambian culture. During the wet season the flocks of Yellow-billed storks that roost in this area spoil guests with their stature and beauty.

Evenings at Nsefu are a delight of sights and sounds, where (from the relief of your sofa) you can see lions, leopards, elephant and other animals drinking away in the quiet lagoon.

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