Tena Tena Camp



Beneath a thick mop of Mahogany forestry, in the Nsefu Sector of the South Luangwa National Park, Tena Tena Camp’s tiered structure holds sentry over the Luangwa River. Revered as the first camp that Robin Pope opened, Tena Tena holds the traditional values of the African Safari Experience that the astute traveller spends a lifetime in search of.

The Camp

Translated, Tena Tena means “passing home” which captures Tena Tena’s commitment to treading lightly on the earth. However, there is nothing temporary about the soft velvety fabrics of crimson, charcoal and cream, solid mahogany furnishings, weaved carpets and strong tented domes. Here the glowing elegance of the west flows out into the rustic majesty of the Nsefu Sector, spilling out into the place where wild animals roam freely. The camp’s design is tiered to enhance each view and give every guest the sight of a lifetime.

The 6 intimate tents are amply spaced to afford guests meditative silences and complete privacy. Each suite’s canvas walls opens up to reveal inspiring panoramic views of the Luangwa River and its daily inhabitants. The tents have luxurious en-suite facilities and veranda’s where guests can unwind whenever they choose. The sleek, flowing curves that pervade these tents were chosen for their mimicry of their natural surroundings, another reminder of why guests choose to visit the remote wonder of the Nsefu Sector.

Activities and Wildlife

 Safaris are a trademark of Tena Tena. Choose between your evening or daytime drives into the bush, where your knowledgeable guide will breathe life into your understanding of this intricate biome and all the symbiotic relationships abounding within it. Expect to see a plethora of game as you traverse woodlands, riverine forests, savannas and lagoons.

Bush walks will bind you in intimate harmony with the land as you feel your way through the mahogany trees and tall grass, safely protected by your experienced guides. Visits to the local community reveal the produce and art of the African people. If you’re curious about the animals, the Wildlife Education Centre will have you on the edge of your seat. However, regardless of what you want to experience, the unabashed service of Tena Tena is at your beck and call.

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