Avani Victoria Falls Resort



Within 5 minutes’ walk of the wondrous Victoria Falls, Avani Victoria Falls Resort is the closest you’re bound to get to this iconic natural wonder of the earth.

The Camp

The resort is a place of simplicity, comfort, adventure and relaxation. Enjoy the winding pathways that curl through neat lawns and the shade of indigenous trees. Repose in the one of the 212 comfortable rooms, where the furnishings exude peace and tranquillity to help you truly unwind. The beckoning gardens and translucent pools turn each moment into a lingering celebration of simple living.

If you’re seeking more exclusivity and personal service, try one of the private suites on offer. The Avani room provides you and a partner with more space for your personal enjoyment. Additionally, the Avani Family Room offers ample space for up to four guests. The Avani Superior Room provides even more comfort, allowing for two guests. However, it’s the Avani Suite enormity that tops the offerings. With a Moroccan ambient of rich fabrics, claret reds and ochres that bring out the contrast of the flora beyond the windows, you’re bound to find lasting passion in each moment.

Activities and Wildlife

From vehicle safaris to sight-seeing the wonders of Zambia, Avani caters to all of your needs. From wildlife, to the flora of this land, every animal, bird and plant holds its own delicate splendour. Visit the local villages for a different perspective on life, or seek the exhilaration of one of the numerous adventures available. The choice is yours.

The renowned spa offers the rejuvenating experience of a lifetime, whilst the Victoria Falls tours, helicopter flights and river cruises will give you different ways to soak in the beauty that Zambia covets.

Children are honoured guests at Avani. Our tailored programs will blend adventure with entertainment, affording you private time knowing that your children are in the safe hands of trained professionals.