Changa Safari Camp



Hidden within a placid nook of the Matusadona National Park, Changa Safari Camp boasts 4 kilometres of pristine bank along Lake Kariba. This gives guests a safari experience like no other, where water and bush meet in a harmony that makes perfect sense.

Lodge and Accommodation

Covered by the branches of ancient Mopane trees, excluding it from the prying eyes of the world, Changa will become your private getaway from the mad rush of everyday life. Every inch of the camp’s luxurious yet functional design has been created to exude an air of tranquillity, to calm the senses and recalibrate the soul.

The soft earth tones of olive canvas and mahogany meet the vibrant ochres that splay across the king-size beds, creating just enough of a contrast to brighten your tented suite. Here the showers in the en-suite bathrooms and ceiling fan douse the heat of the day. Each of the 6 Standard Tents are tucked into the forest for added discretion.

Changa’s communal spaces lie so close to the water, waves almost laps at your feet while you eat breakfast. The thatched roofs, timbered pathways and leather furnishings of the dining and lounge areas hold a charisma that is rustic yet fresh and sophisticated.

Each private deck faces out into the forest, where small sprinklers have been added that kick up a dust of dew drops. The birds love this spray and will dart in and out of the scrub and trees to cool themselves down. Watch this from a chair on the wooden veranda, or observe it from the comfort of your outdoor bathtub, sipping on an ice cold drink of your choosing.

Activities and Wildlife

From game drives in the early morning or late afternoon, to battling the tiger fish on a strong line, Changa has thrilling experiences at every turn. Covering two distinct woodland regions, your vehicle safari will cover a host of environments that will bring with it the elephants, buck, lion and cheetah that cover this ground each day.

Game walks, led by professional guides, draw you into the land like no other experience. You’ll set out in the cooler parts of the day and find the trails of animals and catch the interplay of birds as you get closer than most ever do to the wild residents of Zimbabwe.

Trips to the Sanyati Gorge allow you to float downriver, beholding the humbling green cliffs of the valley. Boat Cruises along Lake Kariba are the ideal way to celebrate the sunset, where you’ll see the sun’s blazing hues as it descends into the horizon from a variety of places along the vast lake.