Davison’s Camp



Within the private Linkwasha Concession, hidden beneath the weaved awning of False Mopane trees, Davison’s Camp is a secluded and exclusive African delight in the Hwange National Park.

Lodge and Accommodation

The traditions of African tented camps are honoured by the strong canvas designs of Davison’s quarters. Here the camp’s main areas of lounge and dining areas lead out onto a sturdy deck and the welcoming camp fire beyond it. From this vantage you’ll gaze in every direction, catching sightings of just about every animal the bushveld has to offer as they travel towards the nearby waterhole. Once you’ve had enough, take a dip in the sparkling pool and recline in one of the loungers beside it.

The eight tented suites and single family suite offer guests the chance to get as close to nature as is possible without being an animal themselves. From any of these tents, the area’s favourite waterhole is in clear site.

Activities and Wildlife

With over 100 mammal species endemic to the area, your bush experience comes complete with a plethora of game viewing specialities. The camp’s waterhole becomes the most popular spot for animals to visit as the other areas of the camp begin to dry up. Here the bucks attract lions, leopards, cheetahs and spotted hyenas, producing thrilling encounters for guests to watch.

Game drives cover the areas of the park that the camp cannot visit. This allows you to see every nook available and catch glimpses of the more elusive animals of the grasslands. Morning walks, evening drives and visits to the local villages create lasting memories for each visitor to Davison’s Camp.