Little Makalolo



Waiting in the very centre of one of the most popular viewing areas of the Hwange National Park, Little Makalolo overlooks a waterhole that teems with life from the etchings of first light to the dappled shadows of sunset. Removed from the crowds you’re about to unwrap the pleasures of solitude.

Lodge and Accommodation

This tented camp uses strong canvas and blue gum poles as its structure. The camp’s environmental footprint is always being considered, with the facilities using solar power at every possible junction to heat water and create delicate lighting.

Teak pathways link the tented suites to the main areas of the camp, where shade is always available in the dining and living rooms. Spend the evenings around a campfire where the stories of yesteryear float to your eager ears and the animals continually parade in and out of sight.

The 6 tents have indoor and outdoor showers, as well as en-suite bathroom facilities. There is an added suite that serves as a family unit, for bigger parties of travellers.

Activities and Wildlife

With the diversity of biomes that traverse the Hwange National Park, the parade of animals never ends, regardless of the time of year. Elephant, buffalo and rhino breeze through the grounds, whilst the waterbuck and reedbuck dance through the veld. These animals are closely followed by the spotted hyena, cheetah and other predators, eager for a meal.  Birdlife in the park is promising, with over 400 species year-round residents.

Game drives take you to different parts of the park, where other water holes are frequented, meaning you’ll triple your chances of that prized sighting of your favourite animal.

From morning bush walks to quiet time in the Log-pile hide, you’re welcomed into the warm embrace of nature. The star bed will allow you to count the stars before you fall asleep and the village visits will teach you about Zimbabwe’s charming culture in a way that is real and authentic.

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