The Hide



Deep within the Hwange National Park, in the north-western nook of Zimbabwe, The Hide has set a new standard of distinction within the travel industry. Covering an enormous 14’000 kilometres, there’s a bouquet of animal life and birds awaiting you at every turn.

Lodge and Accommodation

Vaulted thatched roofs and gilded lighting blend into the canopy of ancient trees that fill the area. The camp’s interiors are filled with the contemporary comforts of polished wooden flooring, leisurely furniture and expansive beds draped in clean fabrics. The Hide’s main areas are a union of stone and wood, iron and safari shades of canvas. Whether you’re poolside or deep in the shade of the lounge, The Hide always has a spot that you’ll consider your favourite during your stay.

Each room’s decor has been specifically chosen to enhance the space and bring the feelings of tradition, modernity, warmth and opulence without exaggeration, to life. The eight Standard Tents and 2 Luxury Tents carry the comforts every home-dweller requires. From mosquito tents to en-suite bathrooms, regardless of the weather The Hide’s staff will ensure that heat or cold will never interfere with the enjoyment of your stay.

The Private Hide is an outdoor living area, open up to all guests to appreciate. It’s here that you’ll be able to survey the plains in peace and watch the animals regard you with a mix of trepidation and curiosity. The Dove’s Nest is completely different. Its raised deck allows you a vantage that is safe from even the wiliest predator, where you can soak in the sunrise or sunsets without a hint of apprehension.

Activities and Wildlife

Game drives are the main attraction at The Hide, and once you climb aboard one of the vehicles you’ll understand why. If the guides don’t captivate you with their knowledge of the land, the sundowners will. The private concession makes each trip a custom adventure, where you’ll find it difficult to pry yourself away from the terrain.

Morning safari walks, visits to the waterhole hides and birding expeditions offer new ways for you to take in the Hwange National Park. It’s here that you’ll see the birds, animals and insects doing their daily chores as you pass by unnoticed. Whatever you’re after, know that at The Hide, you bring the itinerary to life.