Singita Pamushana



This 130’000 acre reserve lies beside the Gonarezhou National Park, down at the south-eastern perimeters of Zimbabwe. With Singita’s sustainable approach to the running of the lodge and the land, customised luxury meets authenticity and traditional safari in a way that is fresh, contemporary and real.

Lodge and Accommodation

Pamushana’s hewn stone walls take their inspiration from the mighty Zimbabwe Ruins, where a forgotten culture’s ways linger over the land like a mother’s embrace. Thatched roofing and filigreed stonework meet the camp’s striking interiors, where no costs has been spared to create a setting that is luxurious, romantic and comforting for even the most critical of guests. The plunge pools and Jacuzzis, spa and gym, along with the expansive yet warm communal lounge offer the relaxation that so many guests crave.

Choose from one of the 6 spacious suites or the exclusive villa for your visit. The suites have a variety of options, from 4 single bedroom units (each with their own pool), to 2 and 3 bedroom options (which also have sparkling pools). The final option is an enormous 5 bedroom villa, complete with infinity pool and a level of privacy that ensures no disturbances.

Activities and Wildlife

Game drives in the cooler parts of the day allow guests to see the abundant variety of game this private concession carries. With the likes of elephant, lion, buffalo and impala, there’s always a site to behold on the expansive grounds.

Boat cruises and nature walks draw travellers into the heart of this land, where the towering rock buttresses, calming waters and shaded forests hold mysteries that none have yet discovered.

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