The Elephant Camp



Tucked high up between the Masuwe River and the gorges of the colossal Zambezi River, each visitor to Elephant Camp is rocked to sleep by the spraying thunder of the Victoria Falls. The town of Victoria Falls is only 20 minute from the camp, for those looking to experience it’s unique African charm.

Lodge and Accommodation

With the tropical rain forest of the Victoria Falls outside your window and the shroud of mist that erupts from the pounding water, the air around Elephant Camp has a fairy-tale feel to it. Everything at Elephant camp has sustainability woven into its making. The sumptuous canvas abodes are placed into the folds of an indigenous teak forest, where the animals and birds are never too far away.

The interiors of the camp blend traditional tribal passion with contemporary trimmings and a hint of elegance from the time of expeditions in the name of the Queen.

The camp splits into two parts, the first of which is The Elephant Camp Main. Here 12 suites of decadent luxury have pools to dip into and timbered verandas to pass the afternoons on. Each suite is positioned in such a way as to give panoramic views of the surrounding wonders.

The second part of the camp is The Elephant Camp West. The camp exudes intimacy, with only 4 canvas suites available. This makes it the perfect offering for families looking to get away from it all. Private safaris are also on hand at this camp, making it an all-round customised experience.

Whichever camp you choose to experience, each dwelling is equipped with air conditioning, ceiling fans and many of the features you’d expect a hotel to hold.

Activities and Wildlife

With vast views over the pristine grasslands and the mist rolling in off the waterfalls, Elephant Camp’s game viewing will leave a lasting impression on you. Experience the Big Five in all there natural glory on daily game drives. Drive through basalt plains, passing teak woodlands and the calm waters of a placid lake as you spot the famous residence of the land, including the rare Black Rhino.

Tour the village or sip a cocktail on Sundowners at the Batoka Gorge. Tour the Victoria Falls and hear the thundering thrumming underfoot as you take in the majesty of the land. Go for a walk among the birds and vegetation of the concession or take in a light lunch at the Lookout Café. Take a paddle downriver on a canoeing safari, where you’ll feel the water’s power through your paddle. You fill your experience with your choices at Elephant Camp.

Additionally there are the options to have a spa treatment, visit Chobe for the day, go on a Zambezi cruise to catch the sunset, or experience canopy tours and white river rafting. Helicopter flights take you out over the falls and give you the chance to see what the birds experience on their voyages. With this astounding array of activities, your only difficulty will be choosing what you’d like to do each day.

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