Victoria Falls River Lodge



Within the exclusive grounds of the Zambezi National Park, this tented lodge is the first of its kind to be built within these hallowed grounds. Close enough to see the erupting mist from the thundering Victoria Falls, when you stay at the Victoria Falls River Lodge, you’re close to the action as safety allows.

Lodge and Accommodation

Artfully designed with slats of wood and blue gum poles, then touched with the modern trappings of luxurious comfort in royal blues and crisp whites, the lodge opens up into the Zambezi National Park, with views of the Zambezi River taking precedence. This however, never comes at the cost of luxury and comfort, where each room and each communal area holds furnishings comfortable enough to pass an entire day in, should you wish to.

Guests may choose from two offerings of accommodation, beginning with one of the 8 Thatched Luxury Tents. Each of these homes is designed with an exclusive timber veranda and pool that has vistas of the green Zambezi and its islets. The décor is infused with hints of European and African history, woven into earthy colours. Each room holds a king sized bed; though other options are available should you need them. With open plan bathrooms and indoor and outdoor showers, you’re afforded the opportunity to take in the freshness of the evening or savour your privacy.

The 5 Family Suites are slightly larger, and have the adaptability necessary for family stays. From bunk beds to three quarter beds, the staff are ever-willing to adapt the rooms to your specifications.

Activities and Wildlife

From adrenalin-seekers to the calm connoisseur, there’s an abundance of activities to immerse yourself in at Victoria Falls River Lodge. River rafting the rapids, canoeing the Zambezi, Bungee Jumping to new depths and helicopter flights give your senses new height.

Bird watching, river cruises, fishing and nature walks engage the calmness of the land, allowing it to seep into your soul. It’s here that you’ll uncover a degree of peace and a level of tranquillity that you may not have known existed.

The game drives take guests into the pumping heart of the land, where animals like rhino, hippo and leopard are a part of each day’s search for sustenance and survival. Whichever activity you choose to indulge in, know that you’re bound to have the adventure of a lifetime.