Ngala Game Reserve


In the north eastern reaches of South Africa, Ngala Private Game Reserve is the place where luxury seamlessly transitions into the animal-rich bushveld.

Activities and Game Viewing

Game drives at Ngala happen at dawn, dusk and then continue well into the night. Your expert guides will ask you about your preferred animal and will do their utmost to track this particular species. They will enlighten you about the vegetation of the region and give you insight into the behaviour of the animals, so that you will understand the functioning of the bush on a sophisticated level. Ngala is renowned for its lions, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t see the Big Five as well as African wild dog and herds of buffalo and elephants. The night is ripe for sightings of the mysterious leopard.

The walking safari is the realm of adventure seekers. Prepare to follow your armed guides, stepping in the fresh footprints of zebra or buffalo, gaining a sense of Africa few will ever understand. Here a bent blade of grass and an unfamiliar scent are as profound as the booming hooves of an elephant herd.

Private safaris are available for guests wishing for independence. You decide how long the drives are and where and when you will take your meals, be it under the shade of the trees or near the water’s edge. You choose what to seek, be it animals, insect, bird or flora. Photographic safaris for the camera-passionate are led by sensitive professionals, dedicated to you achieving the shot of a lifetime, regardless of the time it takes.

Unique to Ngala is the Rhino Notching opportunity.  Here you will accompany the team of research professionals as they anesthetize these gentle giants and insert tracking chips into their horns for their own safety. Once asleep, you may have the opportunity to run your hands over the armour-like hyde of these strong, resilient creatures, capturing the sense of Africa’s rugged sentience. Guests will need to stay at least 3 days to ensure this experience. Additional costs apply to the above mentioned experiences.

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