Mwamba Camp



This Shenton Safaris operated delight is a 20 minute drive or 3 hour leisurely walk from Kaingo Camp. Revered for it’s quiet, placid isolation, Mwamba is an exclusive experience for those seeking complete unity and connection with nature.

The Camp

The camp’s reliance on solar power is a testament to its philosophy of connectivity to nature. The only sounds you’ll hear at Mwamba are the howling hyenas, chirping birds, low drone of hippos and the other sounds that make up nature’s symphony. Dinners are shared under the Main Lounge’s Thatched awning, where guests can share in the quietude of this unique way of bush living.

Each of the camp’s three suites is a marvel of natural, ecological design. Thatched roofing with a mosquito-safe skylight allows starlight to wash over you in sleep. The weaved reed walls, straw baskets and wooden furnishings make for a truly peaceful experience. The outdoor en-suite bathrooms are equipped with flushing toilets and hot-bucket showers, for necessary comforts.

Activities and Wildlife

Insulated between the Mwamba River, numerous waterholes, grassy plains, groves of ebony trees and Crocodile Bark Woodlands, Mwamba Camp’s focus is wildlife. This diversity attracts the full gambit of game, including the leopards and lions that follow them. Take your safari at dawn, midday or dusk, where each one will reveal bush characters that prefer to move at specific times. Bush walks and midday trips to the hide offer a different perspective for you to experience.

Renowned for Walking Safari’s, Mwamba allows guests to traverse different biomes in a single day, moving from grasslands to woodlands to riverine systems. Derek Shenton and his team of highly knowledgeable guides will sing you the lore of the land and answer your curiosities with delightful ease.

Mwamba Camp is the place of the wake-up drums, where breakfasts are taken in commune with nature. It is the place where time ceases to matter and the instincts are sharpened in the sensory-rich environment.

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